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Rev. John Lunn, Sr.</

Rev. John Lunn, Sr.

Rev. John Lunn, Sr. has been the Pastor at Berean Baptist Church in Baltimore City for nearly 40 years. As a pastor of the church, he is responsible for the organization’s budget and implementing community outreach programs for 250 members. While serving as a Pastor for the church, Rev. Lunn, Sr. has held other roles which included dean and vice-president of the United Baptist College Seminary, a teacher for Howard County Public Schools and a youth counselor for Baltimore Summer Corps Youth Works.

The past four years, Rev. Lunn, Sr. has held the position of president for the Baptist Ministries Conference of Baltimore & Vicinity. He was also a member of the African-American History and Life Association, Maryland State Teachers Association, NAACP and Howard County Educational Association.

Rev. John Lunn, Sr. has a doctorate in ministry from Howard University.