Cargo Logistics

Dundalk Marine Terminal

2700 Broening Highway
Baltimore, Maryland 21222


Brian Miller
Director of Operations
Phone: 410-633-1124
Fax: 410-633-1127

Logistics Picture

The Logistics Department oversees the daily movement of truck and rail within the Maryland Port Administration facilities.

The department ensures that cargo is being handled in an efficient and cost effective manner that results in positive customer satisfaction.

Additionally, the Logistics Department responds to customer requests for terminal charges at the MPA’s various facilities, as well as suggestions on terminal operators and other logistical solutions to make the customers experience at the Port of Baltimore an enjoyable one.

The Logistics Department is the lead department within the MPA on formulating and implementing new intermodal programs for the port to ensure a competitive edge now and in the future. This department maintains direct contact with trucking companies and railroads on a local and national level to insure the very best service in order to stay competitive.

The department serves as the MPA liaison with state and federal governmental agencies to develop and implement policies and procedures related to cargo and operations that directly affect the port. As the liaison, it is the responsibility of this department to work closely with all federal agencies such as, the U.S. Coast Guard,  U.S. Customs and Border Patrol,  U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The department must work with various departments within MPA to ensure that all Federal mandates are met at all MPA terminals.