Rail Cargo

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Railroads will always be an important part of the Port of Baltimore. Our history with railroads dates back to when most of the piers were built and operated by the Penn Central, Western Maryland and the Baltimore and Ohio railroads. Today the port is served by two "Class I" railroads and one short line.


The Norfolk Southern and CSX Transportation provide service to most of the states east of the Mississippi from the port with connecting service to the western part of the United States, Mexico and Canada.

The Canton Railroad provides switching service to private facilities located in the port area. The connection with these railroads gives port customers an opportunity to use one of the most efficient, affordable and environmentally responsible freight systems for the movement of international cargo.

A variety of products move through our facilities by rail. Our rail partners carry coal, ore, automobiles, machinery, pulp, paper products; and much more. Dundalk Marine terminal features a newly designed heavy lift berth that can handle dimensional cargo directly from ship to rail.Containers are transported by rail from either CSX's intermodal facility located next to Seagirt Marine Terminal or Norfolk Southern's Bayview facility located just a few short miles from Seagirt and Dundalk Marine Terminals. These two railroads offer intermodal service to numerous locations throughout the continental US,Canada and Mexico.

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