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​​Containers move quicker in Baltimore!

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Containers account for a majority of the tonnage that moves through Baltimore’s public marine terminals. Baltimore’s state-of-the-art Seagirt Marine Terminal, operated by Ports America Chesapeake, is known for being one of the most efficient container terminals in the country, as recognized by a leading trade publication.

50-Foot Deep Berth, Channel and Neo-Panamax Cranes

  • Through a public-private partnership with Ports America Chesapeake, Seagirt is home to a 50-foot deep berth, with 11 cranes, four of which are Neo-Panamax cranes with a reach of 22 containers across.
  • 40 container moves per hour
  • Baltimore is one of a few East Coast ports capable of handling ships carrying 14,000 TEU’s or larger.
  • Terminal sits right off Interstate-95 and close to the Baltimore Beltway I-695 and I-70 East/West​
  • More than 60 percent of the cargo handled at our public terminals is containerized.



  • Seagirt Marine Terminal offers direct rail service to the Midwest with two Class one railroads, CSX (on-dock) and Norfolk Southern (nearby).
  • Seven high speed Neo-Panamax cranes, four high speed Neo-Panamax cranes and 22 RTG cranes
  • Tunnel access to I-95 via I-895. Baltimore directly links to I-70, which provides access to the Midwest.
  • NAVIS, our electronic terminal management planning and control system links truck drivers, steamship lines, freight-forwarders, customs brokers, and stevedores to one system, while the e-modal trucker check enhances security measures.



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