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Port of Baltimore Forest Products brochure




We specifically target forest products in our strategic business plan. Why? Because we have what it takes to nurture and grow this important business. Baltimore continues to be focused on attracting additional customers and volume to our current customer base. Some of the largest forest product firms in the world have taken root in Baltimore.


Forest Products at Baltimore



  • Superior Handling: Baltimore Forest Products Terminal, Balterm, has become one of the United States' leading handlers of imported forest products, providing world class service to their customers.
  • Superior Location: With its superb location in the Port of Baltimore, BalTerm can provide low cost service.
  • Superior Stevedoring: Balterm and its exclusive stevedoring company, Tartan Terminals, have over 180 dedicated employees who have received extensive training in the specialized needs of the forest products industry.
  • Superior Space: Balterm currently controls over 1.1 million square feet of warehouse space. With its location, facilities, equipment and personnel, Balterm is the ideal partner for getting your forest products from ships' holds to your customer's door in the most efficient manner.


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