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Strategically located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. east coast, Baltimore sits in the center of the enormous Washington/Baltimore Common Market. This inland location makes it the closest Atlantic port to major Midwestern population and manufacturing centers and a day's reach to 1/3 of U.S. households. The port provides immediate access to the 6.8 million people in the thriving Washington/Baltimore region, the nation's fourth-largest and one of the wealthiest consumer markets in the U.S. The region is also among the country's wealthiest. Maryland has the highest household income in the nation.

Overnight Market

Thanks to Maryland's Port of Baltimore's outstanding highway access, trucks can reach 35% of America's manufacturing base overnight -- and 32% of its population.

Steel manufacturers in Pittsburgh... Furniture makers in North Carolina... Consumers in Boston. They can ALL be served in less than 24 hours from Maryland's Port of Baltimore.​


Map & Directions


Dundalk & Seagirt Terminals

2700 Broening Highway Baltimore, MD 21222-4190

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North Locust Point, South Locust Point & Cruise Maryland Terminals

2001 E McComas St Baltimore, MD 21230

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Fairfield Terminals (Masonville, Atlantic & Chesapeake)

2900 Childs St Baltimore, MD 21226

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