North Locust Point

North Locust Point Terminal



​Over the past century, North Locust Point has adapted and changed to meet the varied needs of the Port. It has welcomed immigrants, served as a cargo pier for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, and handled many different types of breakbulk, as well as liquid and drybulk cargoes.

Today, the 90-acre (36.1 ha) terminal has been redeveloped to enhance the Port's forest products capabilities. The addition of a 45-long-ton (45.7 mt) container crane, coupled with on-dock rail access, allows for the smooth loading and discharge of steel directly between vessel and rail car.​​

Flexible Facility


​The addition of the container crane boosts the efficiency of the terminal's container operations, while two 75-ton (68 mt) gantry cranes provide the heavy-lift capability needed for large breakbulk and project shipments.

North Locust Point has ample storage capacity. With 25 acres (10.1 ha) of outside space and one shed with 180,000 square feet (16,069 square meters), North Locust Point can easily accommodate the storage of steel, breakbulk and project cargoes.

While North Locust Point has changed many times in its proud history, one constant remains: its ability to meet the varied needs of the Port's customers.​​

North Locust Point Marine Terminal by the Numbers


Cargoes: Wood pulp, lumber, latex, steel, paper and containers.

Berths: Five finger piers with 34-ft. (10.4 m) depths; three are 1,200 ft. (365.8 m), one is 1,235 ft. (304.8 m), and one is 635 ft. (213.4 m).

Cranes: One 45-long-ton (45.7 mt) container crane with steel-handling capability; two 75-ton (68 mt) gantry mounted whirly diesel electric cranes. 

Inside Storage: One shed with 180,000 sq. ft. (16,069 sq. m.) of available covered storage space.

Outside Storage: 19 acres (7.9 ha).

Rail Access: Direct connection to terminal by CSXT. Direct rail access to all berths.

Highway Access: 2.25 miles (3.6 km) to I-95, with connections to other major interstates.​

North Locust Point Terminal


For more information, email inquiries to mpacic@marylandports.com.​​

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