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Green Business Is Good Business

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Accomplishments at the Port of Baltimore are closely aligned with the stewardship of Maryland's natural resources and the well-being of neighboring communities. The Maryland Port Administration (MPA) is committed to being a good neighbor to all the communities which surround our terminal operations. We are also committed to meeting our obligations for improved air and water quality, reduction of impacts to the Patapsco River and the Chesapeake Bay, and sound environmental management for dredging projects. We are working to reduce diesel emissions, manage stormwater in a responsible manner, become more energy efficient, and offset environmental impacts from port operations with green projects that meet stewardship goals and provide community benefits.

At the MPA, we believe that taking responsibility for clean air, land, and water not only complements good business, but drives it. Through the MPA’s EcoPort initiative, port leaders, employees, tenants, and community volunteers are working together to meet more stringent environmental standards and deliver excellent business results. From sound environmental practices and clean-diesel equipment to wildlife habitat and community greening, the MPA is actively pursuing its commitment to a thriving and sustainable port.

To learn more, explore this website and read the MPA’s Environmental Strategy.​

William P. Doyle

Executive Director
Maryland Port Administration​​​​​


 Content Editor

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