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Dating back to 1706, the Port of Baltimore's rich maritime tradition has produced skilled labor able to handle any type of cargo that comes across our docks.


Project Cargo in Baltimore



  • We handle specialized cargo to include, imported and exported machinery to build the world's complex projects, everything from automobile manufacturing plants, power plants, transit systems, airports to wind farms.
  • Approximately 250 trucking companies, including many specialized heavy haulers are capable of transporting any type of cargo and connecting Baltimore's piers with any spot in the United States and Canada.
  • We offer on-dock rail service with two Class 1 rail carriers, Norfolk Southern and CSX, with direct connections to the Midwest.




Specializing in Niche Cargo


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  • Experience: The port's first-class labor force delivers the best care and goes the extra mile to deliver superior handling for all types of cargo moving over the piers of Baltimore. We set the standard for providing the expertise in handling niche cargo.
  • Attitude: With the support of that superior labor force, Baltimore longshoremen offer unlimited midnight starts and a flex-time policy allowing gates to operate from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Our rain-or shine weather policy keeps cargo constantly moving to its destination.
  • Location: Every marine terminal at Baltimore is just minutes from I-95, the primary north/south highway along the U.S. East Coast. This interstate highway connects with several major interstates, including I-695 and I-70, which starts in Baltimore and heads west through the heart of the U.S.
  • Export Packers: For military specialized packaging, consolidation, vapor proof or shrink wrap requirements, our experienced export packers in Baltimore are ready to be of service.



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  • Storage: Baltimore's modern facilities and covered space are the perfect combination when it comes to protecting specialized cargo. Our on-dock transit sheds are a unique counterpart to several neighboring warehouse facilities, and we are continually growing.
  • Investment: Baltimore is the home of "Big Red" and the “Yellow” cranes, capable of lifting 200 MT of heavy cargo and machinery swiftly and seamlessly.
  • Competitive Pricing: Two-thirds of the nation's population is within an overnight drive of our terminals, so delivery from Baltimore costs less. Not only is Baltimore well positioned to ship, receive and distribute cargo, our Port is located in the one of nation's largest and wealthiest consumer market.
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